The Red Badge of Courage (an award)


Just a little while ago, I put up a new page under the Awards heading titled “The Red Badge of Courage.”  Recently I have been sharing some of my experiences with very negative personality types, and I have been inspired by the plethora of stories I have seen from others (both on and off of wordpress). Check the page for a more in-depth discussion of what the award means (and how it relates to the book). Below you will find an excerpt from that page which offers a basic explanation.

Why use this piece of literature in such a way? Because Henry Fleming overcomes his poor tendencies to become a wise person, because the way  Red heartholes treat others is a form of emotional warfare, because people manage to survive and (despite that emotional warfare, and often because of it)  still be good people. I have watched as my grandmother slowly turned several of my mom’s four sisters into versions of herself. Sometimes we become the bad company we keep, other times we survive the bad company we keep. Every so often, we triumph over that company and become something truly amazing: a whole person who cares and stands up for other people and ourselves.

There are no requirements for receiving this award (you do not have to write things about yourself or pass it on to others). If you feel you know someone who deserves it, by all means pass it on! When you do, write a very brief post linking the award to the person in question (preferably to a post that exemplifies the award, but not necessarily). This way the person will be notified via pingback. You can link to the image for your blog’s sidebar via this page, or simply save to your desktop and upload it.

I created this award because there are people I would like to give it to, and they are as follows:

Removing Toxic Poeple from Your Life, Even if They’re Family; & Learn to Trust and Listen to Your FeelingsThe Illusion of Controlled Chaos

Insanity–The Beginning, Spread Information: Stop the Madness

My SisterNarcissists Suck (I don’t know if I can award a blog that is not from wordpress. Guess I’ll find out, lol!)

Sharing What is Happening to Us. Believing Us. Why is it so Hard to Believe?, Paula’s Pontifications

An Old Playlist Recorded Each Month, PregoandtheLoon

Because it takes great courage to look at yourself and realize you need to change, and to take steps to change, I am also giving the award to:

Sick of Me, Rainey Days and Crazy Nights

As I state on the award page, it has been a while since I skimmed (yeah, skimmed, not even read) The Red Badge of Courage. I relied on sparknotes to draw parallels from the initial idea (every time I read a new account, I would find the book in my head for some reason). If I have been inaccurate or inconsistent in any way feel free to point it out (and to chuckle at me. I do it all the time, so I really don’t mind). I will be revisiting the book (which really means that I’m going to read it) this weekend. If I find any of those things I will correct (and laugh at) myself (not mean laughter, good laughter, the kind that allows you to admit when you’ve been wrong).


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6 thoughts on “The Red Badge of Courage (an award)

  1. Thank you so much! This really means a lot to me. I will proudly (but not too proudly ;) ) add this image to my sidebar… just as soon as my husband comes home and helps me figure out how to do so. I’m still new to this whole blogging thing. :)

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