Thank You my Beautiful Guest Bloggers!!!!

This is a little late, but better late than never!

Thank you, Guest Bloggers!

You’re a big part of what makes this blogging experience so much fun!

So, I’d like to give a shout out to all of you:

Curtis Perry of Memoirs of an Unremarkable Man

Madeline Laughs of Stop the Madness



Curtis’s post is thought provoking and seeks to find common ground with the answers from all past WTOE participants. It is a well-written piece, and I’m happy to have the honor of sharing it with all of you on Ponderingspawned! Thank you for your words Curtis. You can read his post here.

Madeline really outdid herself last week, sharing the artwork of several different people in posts that were as beautifully written as the pieces crafted by the artists. Thank you Madeline for sharing! Read Madeline’s Posts here.

Reyeshine shared poetry, pictures, and a very sobering video. His work provides a blend of the most beautiful things in life with the some of the most horrific, and as always it is inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing Reyeshine. You can see his posts here.

Have you had your work featured on PonderingSpawned as part of The World Through Our Eyes project? Do you have something to say, would you like another platform to say it from, and do you want to truly be a part of this growing community? Send me an email at and let me know! I appreciate each and every one of you for sharing your work and your thoughts with me, and this is an open invitation to become an author on PonderingSpawned. Come share your art, and your thoughts on art, through the World Through Our Eyes project. Why?

Because art has the power to change. To change people, to change structures, and to change the world. It seems sociologists are finally catching on to this unique power. Let’s prove them right. Let’s unite and start a movement.

Let’s repaint the meaning of humanity together.

To join the World Through Our Eyes project grab a badge below and put it on your blog. Write a post about the power of art and link it back to this page. If you are already a featured artist, grab a badge below!

WTOE-Badge WTOE-Badge-small

To become a participating artist, see the details on this page.

Check out the blogs from past participants:

Curtis Perry; Rainey Daze; Controlled Chaos; Abigail Lu; Matt Chase; Jonathan Hilton; Grayson Queen; Madeline Laughs; Purnimodo; and Reyeshine

Note: artists without blogs are not listed here, check out their work at the WTOE Gallery!


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6 thoughts on “Thank You my Beautiful Guest Bloggers!!!!

    • I’m aiming to make Ponderinspawned an open venue for the WTOE artists to continue to share their art and thoughts whenever they want to. Let me know if you want to be added as an author, then you can upload anytime you want!

      • Thanx for considering me. I’ll definitely let you know. I checked out your Aug 8 post featuring my work. It’s wonderful! but I can’t seem to view the pics on my laptop, not sure why though. But thanx so much again! God Bless U !

        • I just checked the photos and they showed up on my computer, but they loaded really slowly (which is strange because I’ve loaded up the page before). I’ll check it out on some other people’s computers this weekend to make sure it isn’t an issue.

          Thanks for sharing with me!

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