A Post-Mortem


Lately I’ve been reading that blogging is dead, something many seem to have known about long before I came across this information.

I’ve seen posts giving reasons for this ranging from micrblogging and new technologies are killing it off to individuals don’t blog anymore, only professionals and corporations.

I know that video killed the radio star, but I’m left wondering what exactly is killing–or going to kill–blogging. I also don’t understand how 140 word tweets or Facebook status updates could replace a well-thought out post, and if individuals have stopped blogging I’d like to know just who or what I’ve been talking to through this whole WordPress thing?! Maybe it’s Target in disguise, you know, just a little friendly interest to better supply me with coupons. I’m on to you, big box stores ….

Other people talk about how content is now shared through larger platforms such as wikipedia¬†instead of being shared in the personal space allowed by a blog. Wikipedia is certainly awesome, but it doesn’t allow me to cover the walls in my own doodles or build virtual ponds. If it did, wouldn’t it just be blogging?

Saying that blogging is dead because it no longer belongs to the realms of individuals and amateurs, or because it has competition from microblogging and larger websites is a distortion of the truth. To my thinking, blogging isn’t dead so much as it is changing. Maybe there are fewer individually run blogs, though I seem to find plenty on WordPress alone, but there is also a growth in collaborative blogging. Is blogging not cool unless it’s a lone endeavor? As bloggers are we supposed to be cut off from human cooperation, otherwise we’re just another silly organization? This seems to fly in the face of every experience I’ve had on wordpress, which seems to be all about community.

So is blogging dead, or are people jumping on the “blogging is dead” bandwagon in an attempt to seem in touch with the times on their own–wait for it–blogs?

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11 thoughts on “A Post-Mortem

    • I read about this a lot– and pretty much all the “brand name bloggers” (all of which who would HATE to be called that. So, sorry.) have made mention of the death of blogging in recent posts. I think we’ve definitely seen a decrease in the ability for someone to be a blog rockstar and make more than a normal salary off of it, but that’s normal for any new industry or hobby. It’s a good thing most of us are in it for the writing! :D

      • Here’s to being in it for the Ramen, I mean writing!

        Lol, the changing nature of writing as an industry in the information age is fascinating. I keep reading articles, statistics, and projections that put writing up in the top three largest and growing job markest (the other two are SEO and graphic design). I doubt even that will be the same in a year though, especially considering I’ve also been reading articles that talk about how SEO will soon be obsolete.

        I don’t really care about any of that as much as I care about the fact that all of this means writing is popular again! I still remember when I got my first “real” job (wtf does that mean anyway) out of college. I told my workmate that I was planning to be a writer and she responded with “Oh that’s fascinating, nobody writes anymore!” Really? How did the internet happen then …

  1. I started blogging as a way of standing back and looking at what I was doing and to my great delight discovered that I was being joined by a diverse group of great people. Blogging is a creative medium and all things creative are inclusive of change.

  2. I hadn’t heard. I’ve only just discovered blogging. And loving it. I don’t want it to be ill. Even with a cold. Never mind terminal. I’ll just blog away to myself then. :) x

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