Smolder Perfume, created by Kat Migliore


Have you ever shopped the perfume counters in the large, fancy department stores and wondered how they came up with so many delicious and enchanted scents? The mix of perfume oils to make just the perfect blend that makes you swoon when you spray a tiny spritz on your wrist, the pretty packaging or the beautifully sculpted bottles to decorate a vanity at home. That wonderfully small and delicate glass bottle that says “Come over here and try me! I’m the perfect addition to any outfit and for everyday!”

The allure of the perfume counter has always been my weakness and I love them all!

I have the privilege of knowing someone who has created her own scent and it’s now being marketed on a national level. I have a bottle of this elixir myself and I can tell you…it’s a winner!


Smolder Perfume, a perfume to be fearless and be beautiful, is the creation of my friend Kat Migliore, who owns Luxury, an upscale lingerie and beauty boutique on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I recently caught up with her in between shows to ask about her process creating Smolder.

Something every woman would love to do, and you’ve actually done it! Why did you decide to create your own signature perfume?

I always had trouble finding a scent in mainstream department stores.  When I started to explore niche perfumes, I developed a love for truly unique and original scents.  Since I also love to create, I wanted to mix my own scent.

You always see in the movies the numerous visits to labs with the constant testing. Was this part of your experience too?

For a few years, I explored what was out in the market looking at the scents and branding and price points. Along the way I asked a lot of questions exploring the various ways to learn perfumery.  I spoke with a few established perfumers and decided that was the way to go since their extensive experience and knowledge of ingredients would be beneficial to getting my product finished quickly.  The perfumer had me answer questions about what I wanted my scent to be, and the feelings and emotions behind it.  We went through several rounds of 4-8 different blends per round.  I would sniff and make notes about what I liked in each one until we finally came up with the perfect blend.

I know as a consumer that packaging is my weakness. A pretty bottle, or a great name is enough to make me pick the perfume up for the first time to try it. How did you decide on the name and the overall look of the perfume?

For the name of the perfume I wanted a simple one-word name that also conveyed a subtly sexy feel.   The look of the perfume was built around that and what the scent evoked to me.

Where will it go from here? How are you marketing Smolder?

Smolder is available at my store, Luxury, located in Duck, NC at the Scarborough Faire Shopping Center and also online at  I would like it to be available in specialty boutiques that have unique products.  I feel confident it would also be well received at other specialty lingerie stores. The marketing has been very grass roots at the moment.  People seem to be drawn to the travel friendly packaging.  Hopefully they love it enough to make it their signature scent!


Leave it to Kat Migliore to accomplish every girl’s dream of creating a signature scent that hits all the marks.

Smolder perfume has a lusty, yet flirty lightness that can be worn for everyday, or on that special night. With subtle notes of floral, citrus and spices, this oil based perfume combines the fragrance notes of creamy peach, California lemon, jasmine, muguet, rose, musk and a hint of amber. Packaged in a convenient roll-on that is perfect for traveling and pretty enough to grace any vanity, this perfume is the perfect complement to every outfit.

Find Smolder online and on Facebook!


If you’re looking for something fun to sample at your next bridal shower or girl’s night, contact Kat Migliore and ask about receiving a Smolder sample bag!


Smolder online:

Next time you’re visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina make sure to include Luxury as one of your destinations! Located in the beautifully rustic Scarborough Faire shopping complex in Duck, NC, Luxury lingerie and beauty boutique, offers something to delight your senses and to make your vacation a remarkable one.


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