The entertainment industry is no place for children

I’ve been trying not to do this, but I just published a new article on Examiner that I really like and so I thought I’d share the link here!

The entertainment industry is no place for children, published today on

Hope you guys enjoy it, and if you have any thoughts please comment on the Examiner page!


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7 thoughts on “The entertainment industry is no place for children

    • Thank you, I now use the hat to carry seashells on the beach! My glasses are still glasses, for now …

      I think we could say that about anything in this country. Everybody sees the effigy but not what is behind it. I’d go on, but I’m in a funk today so I wont depress you with the details, lol! This is what happens when I pay close attention to the news.

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  2. It was a dad day when Ms. Cyrus parlayed her deconstruction for the world to witness. But, I asked myself, what do people expect of VMA? Anything less would have been ho-hum. I heard about it from NPR. And I have to say, I wondered if NPR was running out of newsworthy stories to broadcast. Fame, wealth, celebrity-hood and all have their price. It takes too level-headed a person to wade through the carnage that comes with it. As you said, the Hunger Games like sport is just too painful to watch. But almost non one can seem to look away.

    • It’s true, and it was also totally a pr stunt. The internet has had a lot of “omg, miley is naked and straddling a wrecking ball” lately. Then there are the memes that have popped up to make fun of the video, thereby increasing its popularity and feeding into the very thing they were seeking to make fun of. So I guess, in a way, they’re making fun of themselves as well. Lol, no wonder I make pretend worlds to play in, gotta escape this place somehow!

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