The Smoking Gun

The below post is the looooong overdue second instalment of ‘The Kindness of Strangers Part 1’ which you will find over on my blog (but please stick around here for a while first!) I emailed April, here at pondering spawned just to run the below post by her, to make sure that she was okay with being mentioned. April very kindly offered to host this entry – so welcome to your Smoking Gun:

I wrote the post ‘The Kindness of Strangers Part 1’ way, way back in March just before I had the pleasure of experiencing a complete mental meltdown (tongue-well-in-cheek). I have no idea why I have called Part 2 ‘The Smoking Gun’ but I write intuitively so maybe by the end of this post we will both be wiser!

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank a fellow blogger: April here at ponderingspawned. April and I have never met in the non-virtual world and yet April has been one of the most supportive presences any man could hope for from his friends. Not long after publishing the post ‘Close to the Edge – Still HERE’ which very honestly exposed my vulnerability, loss of security and how I was dealing with that, April emailed me to say something along the lines of: ‘You’ve been on my mind a lot lately and whilst I was shopping today I just couldn’t stop thinking about you and knew I had to email you the moment I got in’. This stranger (as in, we haven’t met) then wrote me a lengthy email full of love, support, advice and hope. April told me that I was doing so well, she sent me the link to a song that had helped her through her darkest moments and she even apologised that she couldn’t send me any money! This is the epitome of kindness, of compassion – of humanity. There was a lot said in that email and lots exchanged between us after that but of course, in respect for April and also myself – that must remain private and between April and I. What I am saying here, as I said in Part 1 is this:

Friendship does not always come from where we expect it to. Love is often showered upon us from unexpected avenues and when we least anticipate it. Connection is not just a physical experience. Sometimes – we need to be vulnerable in order to let our true selves emerge (Scrap that – always we have to be vulnerable in order for our true selves to emerge!). This emergence is our way of asking for help (whether we are aware of this or not).

Ask for help.

Wherever you are, whoever you are and whatever you are experiencing right now – Ask. For. Help.

You are ‘only’ human and as such you, like me, like us: are interdependent on each other. We are the only providers of a support network for each other and when you see the signs of meltdown, when that smoking gun appears, before you fall upon the concrete floor without a cushion:

Ask. For. Help.

It’s a very brave, and vulnerable, act of humanity.

So now we both know why this post is called ‘The Smoking Gun’. Look for the signs of you needing a hand. Notice how your body communicates with you. Be alert to your moods and know this:

When you allow your Smoking Gun to let the world know that you are in trouble – the world will respond.

Until Next Time,

Matt xx

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