Hello Beautiful People!

I miss you!

I miss writing for you, and I miss reading your beautiful words!

In the last month I’ve moved and gotten a new job, and I haven’t really written here since I started writing for Examiner. I’m easing ┬áback into the blogosphere, so look out! April’s going to be popping up on your blogs again! She’s also going to be referring to herself in the third person, and wont be writing as much until she has a chance to catch up on all of your beautiful words.

To my new followers, I can’t wait to get to know you! I can’t tell you how tickled pink I was to get new followers while largely remaining silent on my blog. it has helped to keep that blogging fire kindled in my breast until the day I could sit at my keyboard to write again!

Ponder on!


7 thoughts on “Hello Beautiful People!

    • Stalker! Lol, j/k. I’m still living in Florida, just a bit further North. I write under the topic of Women’s Issues for Examiner.com, though I haven’t gotten any writing done since I moved and started a part time job.

Ponder on!

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